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Experienced Financial Advice

Kingsmere provides high-level strategic financial and operational planning and management guidance enabling businesses to increase their financial stability, efficiency and profitability. 

Goal setting in the short, medium and long term is part of our structured approach to your company growth.

Our strength is in financial data analysis and attention to detail. Our focus is on clear communication to maintain and enhance your business relationships.

While businesses are increasingly looking to understand their financial situation more deeply, not every business has the need or resources to employ a full-time, in-house Financial Director. Kingsmere fills the gap through the flexibility of a consultancy relationship, working either on specific projects or on an ongoing basis, for as much or as little as the business needs. Kingsmere clients have access to a vast breadth of expertise across a wide range of sectors.  

Helping busy business owners and managers understand finance.

Can Kingsmere help your business?